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The Beauty of Buddha and Buddhism

Buddha is my Friend

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My name is PadmaPani and I became a Buddhiste or I should say I took refuge to the Buddha's teachings when I had the choice, 19 years ago, to either keep on drinking and end in the gutter or get sober and straighten out my life. I chose for the latter but I could not do it on my own. I needed help and Buddha came to my rescue. I stopped drinking on may 6th 1989 and eversince stayed "dry". It was not easy, but I got so much in return, so much love and light, so much wisdom and comfort, so much joy and beauty. I want to give some of that (where I can) back and hope to help somebody else who might also need some love and light. I give you pictures, I give you teachings, I give you everything I have found on the Internet, including source names so that you can go to the website I found it on and find out more. Enjoy the beauty Buddha gave me.